Welcome Fellow Tatters

If you want to see a snippet of her online Oya training using Google Meet, please email me!

My try at needle lace for a community project https://www.maggiehenselbrown.com/community-lacemaking

ANKARS tatting (large zip includes a video clip)

Jan2023 Showme Lacers project - Jane Eberoll's bugle snowflake pattern, size 20 lizbeth, seed beads and rice beads pattern slightly adjusts for bugle size per Julie!

Pray for Ukraine, Edda Guastalla's pattern:

2024 IOLI files for 8th note

11/6/2021 teneriffe snippets zip; Joan's site for kits

7/9 My try at Pam Palmer's tatted basket booklet for this years Lace Embrace!

Oya earrings - getting ready for Christmas!

5/9/2021 My trails piece from Karen Thompsons class. Didn't finish correctly, but I'm still happy with the product. Progress not perfection!

2/2021 - Took a Beyond the Bobbin Basics with Karen Thompson course - here's my heart! Covered a stitch change with a beaded bow LOL
The egg cover was a first pass, I knew the egg was small so I used size 80 instead of 40, but it was still too big. Next time I will use shorter chains and maybe smaller rings. Purchase Etsy pattern here. 3/24/2021-used shorter chains (15/20 stitches) and smaller clovers (2-4)...a much better fit!

Tatted Button Ornament - Share from Esther! For more button ornaments, check out this Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/375400783520676

Nov 2020 Special shuttles shadow box, PDF:

Tatted collar swap in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (2020)

Oya Virtual training - Victoria's class is full!
My work:

3D basket from the DMC book of Charted Tatting Designs, #51, size 20 Lizbeth Ocean Teal Medium (Art 20-664); other from a Facebook post

My presentation: Tatting via Workbasket, a look at tatting patterns over time:

Online tatting class posting links:

PowerPoint Presentation (PDF format)
PPT Resources and Workbaskets with Wars noted
Workbasket PDFs used in PPT ZIP (367 MB)
Workbasket Tatting Index (Word Original)
Workbasket Tatting Index (Excel JMT)

May2 Dogwood Presentation recording

My spinoff from Jennifers pattern

Jennifer Williams tatted heart icedrop "Laura"

2020 - Turkish Needle Lace edging, Size 10 Lizbeth 111 cotton candy

Capstar Ice Drop Christmas Ornament

2019 Lace Embrace pics; mov1, winners1, winners2, mov2, blind tatting

2019 Cane Hill Tatting Presentation, what fun!

I've been tatting for about 20 years now...time sure does fly when you are having fun! For tatting teachers, check out a local lace guild. I'm part of both the Lacemakers Guild in Bartlesville, OK and the Dogwood Lacers in Springdale Arkansas. To email me, joanmariethomas at yahoo.com. :-) joan

2019: Tat exchange-special ring focus. Size 20 Manuel thread & size 11 beads.
Ankar stacked ring earring pattern: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1792&v=hoaE4brOl6Y

Necklace is 9DS split rings, with 9DS beaded chains (1 down, 2 up beads)

2018: Updated my easy to remember snowflake handout-shared with IOLI

Henna's square

Tatted Brussels square and the provided pattern:

Tatted earrings with DMC metallic (5ds rings & picots)

2016 -Oya lace program; my sample edging:

Oct 3 Lace Embrace large files: photos; video

Hairpin Lace Bookmark - size 10 varigated and beaded bracelet for Haleigh

2015-Beading-had to take a tatting break because of my trigger thumb. Here's my latest bracelet & earrings from this Youtube tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PiIUEDF9ak

2015 - A couple beaded kumohimo chunks I need to make into a necklace:

May 2015 Lace meeting daisy picot butterfly

My first tries at the Lora earrings pattern from Emelie Zakh on ETSY
Uses the right thread, but the beads were a bit small, and sewing them in is not as neat as described in the pattern (left). Second one, I added in line beads, but the pearls are not in the right area...will try again.

2015 FOB Exchange from Anne in Australia!

My first Ankers, Irada pattern on ETSY

Not tatting, but I finished this beaded necklace:

My first Bobbin Lace strip and Battenberg stitch project completed in 2015:

2014 Lace Embrace Photos (ZIP file)

Tatting Designers Yahoo Group

Tatting presentation PDF
My Books

2015-Updated my shuttle list (Sept, 2015)
2014 Dewey Antique show - tatting and kumihimo photos

2014 Shuttle display in an antique printers tray

Here's my latest snowflake & bookmark, 2014 June (click for large view):

Here's my tatters homework Simple Christmas Star:

Here's my JK exchange with Ruth

My first snowflake pattern

Check out my tatted works in the galleries and my collections:
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» My "1872-1886" shuttle

» Tatted fan pattern

Favorite Tatting Sites

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Nuts About Tatting, NATA #258

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