Joan Thomas

The sample redacted excerpts presented here are for your personal review only and must not be copied or distributed

Learning Management System Plan - evaluated software options and implimented an ePath solution for internal & external training materials
What's New Office 365 2013 - Sample training PowerPoint
Software Training Guide
About Acrobat Reader 7

SharePoint Proposal (PPT) - too expensive, went with basic HTML Intranet site to get company culture away from paper first, so President can justify future expense
SharePoint QRG, tri-fold layout
Customizing Your SharePoint Site (Word file)
SharePoint Basics PPT, click to advance the PowerPoint training slides

Intranet Site, doc plan, action plan (was Excel 2007)
Homeowners Association website (free google site)

Information Road Map (for a product suite, migration)
Integration What's New

Doc Alert notification system (tracking/posting)
Sample Manufacturing Assembly Procedure
Sample Instruction for IT - for end users to setup PCs for APS custom templates and 2007 (most were being converted from 2003)
Draft Maintenance doc for Intranet (launched Feb 18, 2013)

Style Guide
Single Page Layout Quick Reference
Reference guide chapters (concept, procedure, images, field descriptions flow)
Basic quick start instruction

User's Guide, a consumer product (software) with a quick reference topic
Operator's Guide, a consumer product (hardware)
Software Operator's Guide, print-ready
Installation and Maintenance Guide, turret recording
Administrator's Guide, script topics
Release Notes

Doc Plan and Project Scope
• WebWorks help, see these topics (snapshot): Preface, Doc Structure

Parent's Guide to Surviving Scoliosis Surgery - My e-book written from personal experience
How to Have Fun at Work - A company newsletter article

Sample Reporting Book Set (PDF, not raw Framemaker files)
Single-Sourcing with FrameMaker Article

Software Manual Set - Cover sheet only. CD autoloaded to this sheet with links to product manuals