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2002 to 2003

I made this broach by fitting tatting around a piece I bought from the craft store.


July 2003

Mary Maynard's Challenge, here is my entry!


Here is Tammy's Cross pattern, I made it with black Hy-grade thread and 3mm beads. It came out a little larger because I used the same size picot for all picots, you can see my see picots in the center of the rows. :-) Thanks for sharing Tammy! (

The pattern is located at:

I made it the night my great aunt, Sister Francine Voytek, SSND passed away. 10/9/2003

Sister Francine Voytek


Here is Dolly Hollander's ( wreath pattern that I tried using size 30 condonnet and translucent seed beads. The pattern is located at:

Good thing I scanned it...I can see the made in china stamp on the bow. I'll have to change it...I don't want people to think the tatting came from there! LOL

This is my stab at Susan Plippo's Filigree Necklace pattern (on the e-tatters Files > Patterns > Jewelry folder; now uploaded to Smart Groups album:

Click above for pattern

Above is my first try with Coronation cord; Tatted fan with carved ivory sticks

Julie Patterson's bookmark pattern

My try of Nina's Grape earring pattern, using her thread and bead kit. What a difference using the right thread and size beads makes! It fell right into place while tatting and stayed stiff. Compare that to one I did using size 12 pearl cotton and seed beads.

Below is my current beanile project, Nina's bn1016 project with size #10 white beads and blue
faceted sead beads, and 1 strand of DMC's blue metallic embrodery type string. The metallic
thread is tough to use, it likes to shred, so you've got to be tender with it. Luckily, this pattern
only has 1 ring and all the rest are chains. The winding and unwinder does fray the thread too.
I should have used a white thread so the blue bead pattern would be more pronounced...but I
thought the blue glitter would enhance it. So, I'm shortening it to make an ankle bracelet instead.

To the right, is the same pattern...using Nina's combination of beads/thread...that works the best! Thanks for sharing Nina! :-)


Saturday 8/9/03 - Class at Nina Libin's place in New York City. Linda V. , Nina, Betsy E., (Pat M. and myself missing from photo).

Pendant and earring project for us :-), Nina gave us a choice of 4 bead types and 3 threads to use. Decisions...decisions...decisions! She shared her tips with us on stringing, reading instructions, blocking, and her favorite bead shops in mid-town. You can see the Statue of Liberty from her livingroom window, what a spectacular view! It was a great day! Thank you Nina!

You can see the Statue of Liberty between the 2 buildings that are furthest away.