Here's my 2009 entry for the 11th Annual International Tatting Seminar in Hector NY.
For my two entries to the 2003 Palmetto's contest, click here.

For the 2009 entry, our task was to use an entire ball (400 yards) of #3 thread. I'm so surprised that 400 yards didn't make a much larger piece.

The tatted portion of this piece measures 10 inches in diameter.
The rings are 8ds - 8ds. The center ring is 8 picots sep by 8ds.
I used 2 shuttles and a split ring to jump from row to row. A size 6 glass
bead was added to the string between the 2 rings off the initial double rings.
For the last row, I had 2 beads, and chains of
(3ds, 1 short picot, 1 longer picot, 1 short picot, 3ds). I added the
fringe because I didn't think I had enough thread to do another row,
and as it was, I almost didn't have enough for the fringe! I do like it
better without the fringe, the last row has a nice ruffle. Click here for a close-up.

I'm working on a similar one using much finer thread and darker beads to
accent the spokes of the initial rings.


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