February 2011

The other bead rope is just too thick and heavy for a necklace, but spiral rope beading is nice for wearing. I used 8lb fireline and size 11 beads (cream for core, peach for outer).

After picking up a Japanese braiding (Kumihimo) book, I'm trying my hand at that next...not too shabby! Size 11 beads with waxed cord - 8 warps.

April 3, 2007

Here is my first try at "bead rope"!

Here are some training sites I looked at that have animated video clips:

I used the 10 size black thread, a very small hook, and size E beads. I started pattern with 1 white for every 2 colored beads. The piece is about a 1/2 inch in diameter. My older daughter is interested in finishing it, so I set her up and showed her what to do.

It is very simple after you get it started. I started with 9 crochet stitches, closed the loop, then started adding the beads.
Having the 1 white one, helped me keep on track. The bead that comes down on the thread should match the one you are connecting to.

It looks prettier than the photos. These color dark shiny beads are always hard to display in a photo (right) or scan (left):


February 2007

I joined this Yahoo List - Lace of Beads. It has renewed my interest in using the many beads I have been collecting LOL!

Check out these bead crochet sites!

Learn bead crochet from scratch

Animated primer



Here's a lanyard I'm making by threading seed beads onto filiment thread. I think I should use a thicker stiffer thread because the patterns kind of curls.